Los Dormitorios




Through these pictures I would like you to get an idea of how the dorms where the NIU students stay in Toledo look llike.  The first thing you have to know is that the rooms themselves are very spacious and modern.  I was surprised to realize that they are also very comfortable.  They include a full bathroom in each room.  When it comes to storage, there is plenty for both people staying in the room.  There is a closet and a huge bookshelf, as well as side tables with drawers for each student.  The rooms also have air conditioning and a minifridge in them.  In addidtion to that, the residence building has two kitchens, an exercise room, a patio, a lounge and a living room.  Also know that there are housekeeping services included Monday through Friday, so the rooms stay always clean!!!  They really do feel like luxury dorms guys 🙂  The best part about this particular residence building is that it is less than two minutes away walking distance from the classrooms.  They are right next to each other!!


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