Spanish Food



Let me start by saying that eating Spanish food means eating “patatas” everyday!!! 🙂

Here in Spain people have desayuno, comida and cena.  There are definitely some differences between meals in the US and Spain. Desayuno (breakfast) in Spain is usually very light consisting of only a pastry and a beverage.  Comida (lunch) as well as cena (dinner) always consist of two dishes.  It’s been the experience of the NIU students at the dorms, as well as the experience of those students staying with host families that lunch and dinner always include meals containg potatoes: french fries, potato salad, torta de patata, etc.. Also, it is very normal for Spaniards to have dinner very late at night, with some students from NIU having dinner as late as 10:30pm!!!!  Another thing when it comes to meals is that postre (dessert) is always a must!!!! 🙂

Above I included a picture of the cafeteria where the NIU students staying at the dorms have meals.  This cafeteria is inside the building where we have classes, and as I mentioned on a previous post, the classrooms are right next to the dormitories.  I personally find it very very comfortable here.  He have breakfast at 8:30am and our first class starts at 9:00am.  From there we take class until 11:00am and go on a 30 minute break.  The second class then starts at 11:30am to 1:30pm.  After that is when we go and have our comida.  Although la cena is at 8:30pm for the NIU students staying at the dorms, it doesn’t feel like too late.  That may have something to do with how late some of the other students have dinnder with their host families. 

Aside from a daily portion of patatas, we are usually given the option of pasta or salad, as well as fish or chicken.  There is also always an endless supply of bread and olive oil.  Although I cannot say that the food has been delicious, I can say that it is not bad at all!!!!


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